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Bubinga is an African hardwood that is reasonably workable, however bending can be difficult. Bubinga may be loved as much for its quirky name as for its strength and beauty. Also sometimes called Kevazingo, usually in reference to its decorative rotary-cut veneer. White splinter that is clearly separated from the core tree, which is reddish brown with dark distinct stripes. The tree can grow up to 45 m and has a diameter of between 100 and 200 cm. The grain is straight to interlocked. Has a uniform fine to medium texture and moderate natural luster. Bubinga is on the CITES list and cannot be imported immediately without permission. Used for furniture, clothing and worktops.

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Facts Bubinga

Botanical name: Guibourtia tesmanii
Origin: West Africa
Weight: about 750 kg/m3
Moisture Content: 8-10 %
Janka hardness: 2410
Modulus of rupture: 168.3 MPa
Bending strength: 1470
Modulus of elasticity: 18.41 GPa
Shrinkage: 13,9


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