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Denya is an exclusive, robust and very heavy African species. Denya hardwood has a golden yellow shiny core with a slightly greenish cut with coarse pores. The specie is very diffucult to work with, due to scratches and cracks like many other heavy hardwoods and have interlocked grain. The tree can vary from light to dark, but primarily the last. Due to the high density used, the wood is often used for port logs, deck planks, walkways, container floors and horse boxes and other barn furniture. The breaking strength is very high.

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Facts Denya

Botanical name: Cylicodiscus gabonensis
Origin: West Africa
Weight: about 900 kg/m3
Moisture Content: Air dried
Janka hardness: 1085
Modulus of rupture: 123 MPa
Bending strength: 1367
Modulus of elasticity: –
Shrinkage: 5,9


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