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Red alder

Red Alder is very similar to the Scandinavian alder tree, it is a splinter tree with yellowish / red splinter, mening no visible transition between splint and core. The overall pattern resembles birch. Immediately after felling, the tree is brick-red, but the color is rapidly evolving. Gets darker and more reddish with years. Visible rings. Used for clogs, health sandals, hat shapes, blind wood, shavings for smoking (herring and eel), models and earlier for water pipes and pump pipes. Wooden walkers love the red alder hardwood specie.

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Facts Red Alder

Botanical name: Alnus Rubra
Origin: North America
Weight: about 450 kg/m3
Moisture Content: 8-10 %
Janka hardness: 440
Modulus of rupture: 69.7 MPa
Bending strength: 850
Modulus of elasticity: 10.90 GPa
Shrinkage: 12,6


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