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Poplar, American

Poplar, also called Tulipwood does not have as much structure as ash and oak, but looks more like maple in its structure, though slightly darker in color. There is a difference between the sap and the core tree. The sap is creamy white and the core varies from pale yellow to brown, green and in some cases purple in color. The specie is excellent for painting and for lamination. Poplar hardwood is stable after drying when used indoors.

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Facts Poplar, American 

Botanical name: Liriodendron Tulipfera
Origin: North East America
Weight: about 450 kg/m3
Moisture Content: 8-10 %
Janka hardness: 1580
Modulus of rupture: 67.7 MPa
Bending strength: 1580
Modulus of elasticity: 10.6 GPa
Shrinkage: 12,7


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