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This beautiful South American hardwood specie variates from shiny orange to a darker red-brown core, tiger striped in yellow, golden and brown shades. Jatoba is known for its hardness, which makes it difficult to cut in. Jatoba is suitable as bonding tree. Used for floors, patio planks, windows, doors, handrails and benches.

Dimensions: 21x145mm

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Facts Jatoba

Botanical name: Hymenaea courbaril
Origin: South America
Durability: Class 1-2 (according to EN standards)
Dimensional stability: 3 (scale 1-5, whereas 1 is being the best)
Fibers: Straight grain
Color: Red-brown (color difference cannot be avoided)
Color extraction: Rarely (eg. on walls)

Please note: Be aware of this, when using Fava Amargosa for balconies or free-hanging structures.


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