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Cedar is a narrow, greyish red splinter, reddish-yellow / brownish core wood with a mahogany-color that becomes more intense with time. It is a softer wood with medium breaking strength, low impact and bending strength while also being resistant to fungi and insects. This species has little shrinkage and a good dimensional stability. Cedar is ideal as exterior cladding, moldings, boat building, canoes, cigar boxes (regulates the humidity for the benefit of the cigars), musical instruments and boxes.

Factbox Ceder

Botanical name: Thuja Plicata
Origin: Canada
Killn dried: 12-16%
Weight: 400 kg/m3
Color: Light red-yellow
Expected functionality lifespan: 50 years
Dimensional stability: 1 (scale of 1-5 with 1 being the best)
Color extraction: Rare

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