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With respect for the environment, responsibility for future generations and a guarantee of sustainable production, Global Timber now offers Lignia as an exclusive distributor in the Nordic and European markets.

Lignia is a modified wood species produced by taking sustainable FSC softwood and making it into one of the best hardwood wood species on the market with the highest performance available.


Lignia Characteristics
Modified / Impregnated Radiata Pine, from plantations in Chile as well as New Zealand.
100% FSC approved
Density 650-800 kg. / m3
Tree moisture 6-8%
Extreme shape and directionally stable
Very durable to insects & termites
Class 1 durability / 50 years warranty against rot & fungus (Above Ground)
PH neutral
Beautiful golden-brown color
Built-in fire retardant

Lignia Standard
Especially suitable for:
Terrace planks
Doors & Windows
Thicknesses 22-25-32-38-52-65-75 mm
Widths 100-150-170-200-250-300 mm
Lengths 2100-4800 mm

Lignia Yacht
Especially suitable for boat decks:
Only “real” wooden product on the market with visible similarity as well as properties that matches Burma Teak
Thickness 22-25-32 mm
Widths 100-150 mm
Lengths 2100-4800 mm


A Sustainable Choice
Lignia undergoes extensive testing at testing facilities in England, France, Germany and North America, proving that the product is considered a real alternative to tropical hardwood, making it a very sustainable choice in project specifications.



Do you need more information about Lignia? We refer to Lignia’s own website.